Eva’s Farm is a unique, trusted local butcher. Danvers, MA and several other areas throughout northern Massachusetts benefit from Eva’s Farm. We are a top butcher specializing in locally grown, healthy meats. Through serving many locations, we’ve gotten to know all our customers personally. We know they have many health concerns regarding meats, fat, and the health problems associated with consuming animals fed on GMO products. Therefore, we make sure that at Eva’s Farm, these concerns are alleviated.

Butcher Danvers MA Offers Healthy Meat Options

At Eva’s Farm, our animals are never fed using GMO products or hormone-enhanced feed. Instead, they receive a pure grass-fed diet. Our grass is never treated with pesticides, ensuring a more tender, juicy, and appetizing cut of meat. Our animals live stress-free lives. We are known as a humane butcher. Danvers, MA residents feel good knowing we provide great living conditions for our animals.

A large number of our customers have avoided meat in the past because of health concerns. While too much meat can negatively impact your diet, meat contains protein and the omega 3 fatty acids needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At Eva’s Farm, we make sure those healthy elements fill our meats.

Best Butcher Danvers MA

When they choose our butcher, Danvers, MA residents and other Massachusetts residents get a higher ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids in their meat. These are essential to the prevention of heart disease and certain cancers. As mentioned, since our meats aren’t treated with hormones, you will never ingest toxic chemicals that could contribute to headaches, stomach problems, fatigue, or other common health issues. We make sure our meats are great sources of beta-carotene and vitamins B and E, which facilitate more energy and better vision, among other health benefits.

More About a Great Butcher, Danvers MA

At Eva’s Farm, we pride ourselves on being a family-friendly local butcher shop. We want each of our customers to feel they are stepping back in time, going to the shop for a personally selected cut of meat, just as they would have 50 years ago. Owners Roberto and Barrian Alonzo brought their knowledge of meat from Argentina, where their parents raised them with a passion for healthy, enjoyable foods.

Roberto and Barrian have years of experience working with cattle, pigs, and chickens, making Eva’s Farm one of the most versatile butcher shops in Massachusetts. They have worked in the butcher business for decades and are dedicated to offering a healthy, humane, and personal meat production process.

Contact Us Today for a Quality Butcher, Danvers, MA

For more information, you can contact Eva’s Farm at (978) 624-7084. We are open seven days a week from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. For quality meats from a quality butcher, Danvers, MA locals choose to visit Eva’s Farm, so visit us today.