If you’re looking for a great butcher shop, Beverly, MA locals turn to Eva’s Farm for all their meat needs. At Eva’s Farm, we offer only grass-fed, lean meat raised in stress-free environments. In fact, our meat-raising techniques are among the most humane in our area. Our grass is never treated with pesticides. When you eat our meat, you are not at high risk for common cattle diseases like mad cow and E. coli.

A Variety of Meats for All Your Needs at Our Butcher Shop, Beverly MA

Since we opened our butcher shop, Beverly, MA has been treated to a variety of appetizing lean meats. Our owners Roberto and Barrian Alonzo spent their childhoods raising pigs, chickens, cattle, calves, and turkeys. Their experience has served them well in creating beautifully marbled, juicy cuts of meat. Each of them is known as a wonderful butcher among residents of Beverly, MA.

Quality Meats from Butcher Shop, Beverly MA

Our meat is slightly more expensive than what you purchase at local supermarkets. Don’t let this put you off, though. Grass-fed meat is leaner and better cared for, as it takes seven months for the meat to be ready for market. By contrast, grain-fed meat usually contains hormones and additives. Grain-fed meat is primarily fat, making it tougher, blander, and far less healthy.

At our butcher shop, Beverly, MA residents benefit from the healthiest meat we can produce. The cuts come from the leanest and healthiest parts of the cow or pig, including flanks, ribs, and shoulders. As a local butcher, we help every farmer in Beverly, MA determine which of his or her meats will sell well and benefit customers most.

A Butcher Shop, Beverly MA, With Environmental Impact

Locals want the butcher shop of Beverly, MA to serve the planet as well as customers. At Eva’s Farm, we are happy to oblige. All our food is locally sourced, so it travels a much shorter distance from the farm to your kitchen. This significantly reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions, making the vegetation, air, and water more healthful for animals and people.

Beverly, MA butchers are also concerned about fuel costs. Our transportation methods reduce fuel up to 364,000 gallons per year. This way, less money is spent on fuel, while more is spent on creating wonderful foods for you.

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To learn more about how Eva’s Farm can serve you, contact us at (978) 624-7084 seven days a week. Visit the butcher shop, Beverly, MA, residents will love.