If you are looking for the best butcher shop MA has to offer, look no further than Eva’s Farm in Middleton. When you go searching in the local area, you’ll find nothing but quality from Eva’s Farm, a meat market that stands out from the rest. Our business is uniquely health-conscious, environmentally friendly, and community oriented.

You Are What You Eat and That’s Good at Our Butcher Shop MA

At Eva’s Farm, we know what you eat does affect your physical, mental, and emotional health. Our butcher shop in MA offers education on how to stay healthy in all aspects of life. To further facilitate health, we offer only grass-fed beef and locally grown produce.

Although grass-fed beef is traditionally more expensive than factory farm beef, we think you’ll find the extra money worth it. Grain-fed or genetically altered beef fattens quickly, making it easier to slaughter and transport. However, this beef has often been exposed to chemicals and potentially life-threatening diseases like mad cow disease or E. coli. Additionally, grain-fed animals are usually thin and tough, making their meat bland and unappetizing. Our grass-fed beef matures for at least seven months without hormones or injections, resulting in softer, juicier meat.

Of course, meat is only one key part of a balanced diet. Unlike any other butcher, MA residents know that we do not just sell you meat and send you on your way. Instead, we encourage you to try our locally grown produce, milks, eggs, and cheeses. All these foods are rich in nutrients like protein, calcium, and fiber. If you and your kids don’t like produce, or if you’re stuck on which recipes to use, ask us for recommendations.

Take the Eva’s Farm Family Challenge at Our Butcher Shop, MA

Starting on September 14, 2015, we instituted the Eva’s Farm Family Challenge. You can take the challenge for a mere $25 per family. Activities include exercise regimens, food- and environment-based education, and one-on-one time with nutrition coach Jody Hawkins. If you need to lose or gain weight, or simply want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we have something in the challenge for you.

Environmentally Friendly Food from Our Butcher, MA

Eva’s Farm works exclusively with local farmers and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). These programs shorten the distance from farm to table and cut down on fuel and CO2 emissions. If you are interested in our CSA program for October, there is plenty of time to sign up.

Contact Us Today about Our Butcher Shop, MA

If you need more information about the well respected Eva’s Farm butcher shop, MA residents should call us today at (978) 624-7084 or contact us online.