Looking for a way to participate in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Andover, MA? Eva’s Farm provides the perfect opportunity. In serving Andover and several other MA locations, we’ve met thousands of people eager to embrace healthy, green lifestyles and food. Our CSA program for October will open soon, and you’ll get to learn all about our mission and handcrafted products.

Years of Family-Oriented Service Come with our CSA Andover MA

Brothers Roberto and Barrian Alonzo learned the art of butchering from their parents back in Argentina. Several decades ago, the Alonzos brought their experience to Massachusetts, sharing their passion for humanely raised, healthy food. Roberto and Barrian are familiar with all types and cuts of meat from birds like chickens and turkeys to cattle and pigs. They work with CSA, Andover, MA to ensure your food is always fresh.

At Eva’s Farm, we work to alleviate all these concerns over processed meats. Our animals are cared for on site for at least seven months before going to market. Our conditions are roomy and humane, encouraging as much freedom as possible. Our beef is exclusively grass-fed, equaling a leaner, tastier cut of meat.

Products to Supplement Your Meats in our CSA Andover MA

In our CSA, Andover, MA program, you’ll learn about more than meat. In fact, the Eva’s Farm staff will let you participate in growing our produce. We offer seasonal fruits and vegetables that can be turned into quick, delicious, and filling recipes. Pumpkins, apples, squash, and zucchini are all popular choices for fall. In addition, we offer a wide variety of cheeses and milks from full fat to skim.

Part of the Eva’s Farm commitment to healthy diets is the Eva’s Farm Family Challenge. We officially began on September 14, 2015, but there’s still plenty of time to sign up. Whether you struggle with weight loss, need to gain weight, or just want to stay active, Eva’s Farm is here for you. For $25 per family, you can get professional guidance from our nutritional coach, Jody Hawkins, and the farm staff.

CSA Andover MA has Positive Environmental Impact

At Eva’s Farm, we believe the planet should be as healthy as its people. With this goal in mind, we work with local farmers. This ensures your food travels a short distance from farm to table, using as few fuel and CO2 emissions as possible. We use few if any greenhouse gases, further protecting air quality and the ozone layer.

Contact Us Today to Support CSA Andover MA

For more information about Eva’s Farm, you can ontact us online or call (978) 624-7084. We will teach you all you need to know about our farms and the CSA, Andover, MA.