Welcome to Eva’s Farm, where we are longtime supporters of Community Supported Agriculture or CSA. Danvers, MA residents know our CSA partners approve all meat and other foodstuffs before they’re sold, making sure they’re as fresh and healthy as possible.

CSA Danvers MA Benefits from Years of Experience with Meat

You might say our owners Roberto and Barrian Alonzo were born knowing how to handle meat. The Alonzos’ parents owned a butcher shop in Argentina, and the brothers brought their skills to Massachusetts. Roberto and Alonzo work with the CSA, Danvers, MA to produce prime cuts of meat. Roberto and Alonzo raise cattle, pigs, chickens, and turkeys, giving them a wider range of experience than most other butchers.

The Alonzos are a close-knit family who want Massachusetts residents to feel like treasured relatives. Their goal is for Eva’s Farm to feel like an old-fashioned butcher shop circa 1950s-‘60s. The Alonzos talk to each customer to determine his or her needs and then hand-select the perfect meats and other foods for their families.

Need a turkey just days before Thanksgiving? Eva’s Farm will find a big, beautiful one for you. Do you follow a kosher diet or need diabetic-friendly recipes? Eva’s Farm will ensure your meat is kosher or teach you how to cut calories without sacrificing taste. Our partners at CSA, Danvers, MA will make sure all your food is fresh and packaged in environmentally friendly materials.

Affordable Products with CSA Danvers MA

Some potential customers worry our products will be too expensive. While it’s true Eva’s Farm products are more expensive than factory farm ones, we consider this an investment. Our grass-fed animals take time to mature, at least seven months. In that time, they are carefully fattened and well cared for, never abused or injected with hormones. Additionally, our animals are far less likely to contract hoof and mouth disease, mad cow, or E. coli. All these diseases are common to grain-fed animals, whose meat is generally tougher and blander. Finally, our meat always comes with beautiful, unique marbling.

Take the Eva’s Farm Family Challenge and Support CSA Danvers MA

Starting September 14, 2015, we invite you to take the Eva’s Farm Family Challenge. The challenge encompasses healthy eating, exercise accountability, and general support, including freshly prepared Eva’s Farm foods. Our nutritional coach Jody Hawkins will guide you, for just $25 per family.

Contact Us Today about the CSA Danvers MA

You can contact us every day of the week from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. When you call (978) 624-7084, you’ll learn all about us and CSA, Danvers, MA.