At Eva’s Farm, we work with Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA. Middleton, MA locals know their food is as healthful and fresh as possible. CSA is an alternative form of farming. It produces food that is marginally more expensive but ultimately more satisfying than the foodstuffs produced in mass factory farms.

How CSA, Middleton MA Serves You

Eva’s Farm is based in Middleton. All our residences depend on CSA, Middleton, MA to give them delicious and environmentally responsible food. Our meats are exclusively grass-fed and never given steroids or hormones. We get our beef only from the best cuts of the cow, including flanks, shoulders, and lean chuck. Our sausages are never made with unnecessary fat or chemicals.

By contrast, traditional factory-produced, grain-fed beef and pork is much tougher and fattier than healthy meat should be. Many of our customers tell us supermarket meat is bland, necessitating more seasonings and marinades. In turn, this leads to higher caloric content. At Eva’s Farm, we know that easy and cheap does not equal good meat. Our animals spend at least seven months with us before being ready for market. Our CSA, Middleton, MA, approves all meat before it’s sold.

More than Simply Meat with CSA Middleton MA

Farm is a family-owned business, so we treat your family like our own. This means making sure they eat everything they need. We offer a wide selection of produce, milks, and cheeses. Our cheeses include everything from common American and Swiss to types like Havarti, goat, and Muenster you might not find in other markets. Our organic produce includes seasonal vegetables and fruits like apples, pumpkins, zucchini, and squash.

The Eva’s Farm staff knows plenty of recipes to help your family transition to a diet of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Ask us about our recommendations, including – • Fresh salads, with and without lean chicken • Low-sugar apple and berry preserves • Pumpkin breads and muffins • Pumpkin soup • Dried apples/trail mixes • Lean pot roasts, hams, or chicken dishes

Take the Eva’s Farm Family Challenge with Help from CSA Middleton MA

Starting September 14, 2015, we instituted the Eva’s Farm Family Challenge. The challenge involves four weeks of nutritional coaching, exercise, and delicious meals made right here at Eva’s. Nutritional coach Jody Hawkins will walk you through healthy food choices, while our staff helps you with exercise and weight loss accountability. No matter if you need to lose 50 pounds or just need to stay healthy, Eva’s Farm can help.

Contact Us Today for Information about the CSA Middleton MA

To learn more about Eva’s Farm or the Family Challenge, call (978) 624-7084. You can also visit us online to learn more about our market and CSA, Middleton, MA.