Welcome to Eva’s Farm, a top quality deli. Middleton, MA locals have eaten our foods for decades. We believe no town is too small to benefit from healthy, environmentally conscious food choices. Additionally, no person is too young or old to get involved in helping communities make those choices.

A True Community Deli, Middleton MA

Eva’s Farm is best known as a meat market, but locals also love coming to our deli in Middleton, MA. We serve the best sandwiches, soups, and melts in Middleton, using hand-selected prime cuts of meat. Our cattle are exclusively grass-fed, never grain-fed or given steroids, hormones, and additives. This ensures a beautifully marbled, tender, juicy cut of meat. You’ll use fewer seasonings and marinades, which will reduce your calorie count and fat content.

As mentioned, we love involving the community in our food production. The CSA program near our deli, Middleton, MA, is closed for September. However, our October CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, program will open soon. The program walks you through our humane butchering process as well as how to make quality milks and cheeses. In addition, we’ll introduce you to creative recipes you can make with our organically grown produce.

Affordable Products at the Deli, Middleton MA

Can such fresh, carefully crafted products be more affordable than what you buy in the supermarket? At Eva’s Farm, the answer is a resounding yes. Our products are marginally more expensive, but this is a long-term investment. Our animals are raised for at least seven months before going to market. This will ultimately save you money because one large, lean cut of meat will serve you better than several cheap, fatty, bland cuts.

Additionally, recall that all our food is locally grown. This significantly shortens the distance from the farm to your table. Short distances are again, ultimately cheaper for you. Buying locally grown food reduces your fuel and CO2 emissions. You’re also likely to spend less time in your car and more time enjoying your food, ensuring you receive your money’s worth for each product.

Take the Eva’s Farm Family Challenge and Visit our Deli Middleton MA

Starting September 14, 2015, we instituted the Eva’s Farm Family Challenge. The challenge helps your family begin or continue a healthy, organic lifestyle. For $25 per family, our staff and nutrition coach Jody Hawkins will help you make healthy food choices and start and maintain an exercise regimen. Our program comes with plenty of delicious Eva’s Farm food and positive reinforcement for the whole family.

Contact Us Today for Information on our Deli, Middleton MA

For more information, you can call us at (978) 624-7084 or fill out our online contact form. We’d love to have you visit our warm, friendly deli, Middleton, MA.