At Eva’s Farm meat market, Beverly, MA love that we are dedicated to your physical and emotional health. It might seem odd to think a type of meat can heavily influence these things; however, you truly are what you eat. With this in mind, our butcher shop offers only the leanest, most healthy, and tastiest meats.

Enhancing the Meat Market Beverly MA Experience

When our owners came from Argentina to start a meat market in Beverly, MA, they already had years of experience in butchering. Roberto and Barrian Alonzo learned butchering from their parents, who raised all varieties of meat. These included beef, pork, turkey, and chicken. Before butchering an animal, the Alonzos ensure it is raised humanely and fed only on untreated grass.

Our meat market in Beverly, MA never raises grain-fed cattle. Grain-fed cattle can be sent to market more quickly, but the tradeoff is tougher, fattier meat. Additionally, grain-fed cattle are more likely to be exposed to chemicals and dangerous diseases like E. coli. Grass-fed cattle aren’t exposed to these dangers. Since it takes grass-fed cattle seven months to be ready for market, each animal is personally and gently cared for.

Meat Market Beverly MA Helping You Improve Your Health

Today, growing numbers of Americans use medications for chronic health problems like fatigue, sinus issues, or aches and pains. Eating Eva’s Farm meat will not eliminate these issues, but changing the meat you consume may significantly alleviate them. Eva’s Farm also offers quality fruits, vegetables, and dairy products to help you balance your diet. We never spray our fruits and vegetables with chemicals, and our milk and cheeses go through a careful aging process.

Locals don’t normally think of a meat market being a conduit of emotional health. However, eating food from the Eva’s Farm meat market, Beverly, MA, might help your emotional state. Eating healthy food fills you with essential vitamins like B and E, as well as beta-carotene and other nutrients. It also reduces your calorie intake and weight. This lowers the chance you will become depressed. Eating healthy releases endorphins, helping you feel more energetic and happier.

Meat Market, Beverly MA, Eva’s Farm’s Favorite Color is Green

Actually, all our staff members have different favorite colors, but we are dedicated to environmental friendliness. We work with local farmers to ensure your food travels the shortest distance possible from farm to table. These short traveling distances greatly reduce fuel costs and emissions. For example, Eva’s Farm regularly reduces fuel emissions by anywhere from 280,000 to 364,000 gallons per year.

Contact Our Meat Market, Beverly MA Today

If you need to learn more about our meat market, Beverly, MA, you can contact Eva’s Farm at all times at (978) 624-7084, or online.