Welcome to Eva’s Farm, a local meat market. Danvers, MA and northern Massachusetts get their best meat from us. Massachusetts has several butcher shops, but we want to be your first choice for meats and other products. Our entire staff dedicates itself to providing you with the healthiest, most environmentally friendly, and most affordable foodstuffs in our area.

Top-Quality, Affordable Products At Meat Market, Danvers MA

Our local meat market in Danvers, MA offers some of the most affordable products in northern Massachusetts. Our products are slightly more expensive than the factory farm meats you’d buy at most supermarkets, but we consider that slight increase a worthwhile investment.

Eva’s Farm meats are more expensive because we only use grass-fed cattle. Grass-fed cattle require an average of seven months to be ready for market, as well as plenty of land to feed on. By contrast, grain-fed cattle fatten more quickly, but their meat contains far more fat than the protein and other nutrients you should be getting from animal products. Additionally, grain-fed cattle are at higher risk for E. coli, mad cow disease, and other harmful conditions, and they don’t carry as many B or E vitamins.

As a health-conscious meat market, Eva’s Farm wants only the best for our customers. That’s why we never increase prices more than we absolutely must, but we always make sure you get the healthiest cuts of meat.

Our Meat Market Danvers MA’s Dedication to Completely Healthy Lifestyles

If you want to change your eating habits and lifestyle, healthy meat is a fine place to start. Yet, lean meat alone will not make you healthy. Eva’s Farm knows the value of a balanced diet, so we offer locally grown fruits and vegetables, eggs, and dairy products in addition to our meats. These products include delicious seasonal produce such as apples and pumpkins, as well as a variety of milks and cheeses like American, Swiss, and cheddar. If you are on a special diet or have questions about which of our products are best for your family, ask a meat market Danvers, MA staff member for expert assistance.

Meat Market Danvers MA Eva’s Farm is Pro-Environment

This meat market works primarily with our local farmers. Since all our food is sourced locally, our fuel emissions, fuel costs, and CO2 emissions are significantly lower than similar companies’. This emissions reduction helps lower your carbon footprint as well as ours, guaranteeing cleaner air, water, and vegetation.

Contact Our Meat Market Danvers MA Today

If you would like more information, you can contact us online at any time or call (978) 624-7084. We’re open every day, so you can benefit from our meat market. Danvers, MA, we are eager to see you.