When looking for quality food and a meat market, Lynnfield, MA locals turn to Eva’s Farm. Eva’s Farm serves Massachusetts with a warm, family-oriented feel. Our goal is to make you feel as if you’ve stepped into an old-fashioned butcher shop when you visit us. We hand-select prime cuts of meat, specialty cheeses, and produce for each customer.

Foods to Fit Your Lifestyle at Meat Market Lynnfield MA

Americans are busier than ever but also more sedentary than ever. With our reliance on sedentary jobs, our obesity rate has increased. Eva’s Farm meat market, Lynnfield, MA, helps you and your family combat obesity, childhood diseases, depression, and fatigue with our foods.

Our beef is exclusively grass-fed and never grain-fed or injected with hormones and additives. This ensures your meat will be beautifully marbled and the most tender on any table in the neighborhood. Since grass-fed beef takes seven months to be ready for butchering, our animals are gently nurtured and raised in humane conditions. During butchering, they are killed as painlessly as possible.

At the Eva’s Farm meat market, Lynnfield, MA residents can also find a variety of local produce, milks, and cheeses. Fall is fast approaching, so our pumpkins and apples are especially popular right now. These can be turned into fresh foods like applesauce, dried apple slices for trail mix, and pumpkin muffins or pumpkin bread. Additionally, we sell well-aged cheeses in every variety from American to Havarti.

Foods That Help the Planet at Meat Market, Lynnfield MA

Eva’s Farm meat market, Lynnfield, MA, is known as one of the most environmentally friendly butcher shops in northern Massachusetts. In a year, we save anywhere between 280,000 and 364,000 gallons of fuel. This saves our local farmers significant time and money, allowing them to focus more on producing quality food for our customers.

Our commitment to environmental consciousness has lowered our carbon footprint, which in turn helps lower yours. Our customers are glad to know they’re benefiting the planet with their purchases. We offer advice and education on environmental consciousness, encouraging recycling and other energy-saving practices.

Take the Eva’s Farm Family Challenge at the Meat Market Lynnfield MA

Eva’s Farm is a family-owned business, and we treat your family like ours. Part of this is showing you exactly how to be more healthy and happy. We’ve started our Eva’s Farm Family Challenge, which runs four weeks starting September 14, 2015. You pay only $25 for your whole family to get four weeks of professional guidance from our nutrition coach, Jody Hawkins.

Contact Our Lynnfield MA Meat Market Today

If you’d like to learn more about us or the Family Challenge, contact us at (978) 624-7084. You can also order online for more convenience and information about our meat market, Lynnfield, MA.