Your grandmother was right, the best place for meat is in a meat market. MA residents have many options, but none are quite like Eva’s Farm. Eva’s Farm is a close-knit, family-owned business dedicated to healthy, environmentally friendly food. While best known for our meat, we offer a myriad of other food options.

Premium Meats for Great People at our Meat Market MA

Some other Massachusetts meat markets are big and impersonal, handing people packages of meat and that’s all. This isn’t the case with Eva’s Farm. Our owners, Roberto and Barrian Alonzo, take time to get to know each customer personally. The Alonzos and our staff choose the meats that are best for your family after careful consideration.

At Eva’s Farm, we know most people are extremely busy, sometimes too busy to cook. The temptation to buy greasy fast food burgers or chicken is always strong, but we can help you combat it. We offer lean, well-flavored meats and meat dishes. These include kabobs made with any meat you choose, chicken wings, New York strip steaks, and whole chickens ready to cook. Our meats’ tenderness allows you to use fewer marinades, reducing calorie count.

Roberto and Barrian Alonzo spent their childhood butchering everything from cows and pigs to Thanksgiving turkeys. They learned this skill from devoted parents, and now they want you to feel like one of the Eva’s Farm family. When you visit our meat market, MA, based in Middleton, we want you to feel like you’ve stepped into a personable, old-fashioned shop.

Dairy, Produce, and More at our Meat Market MA

In addition to great meats, Eva’s Farm offers several other products that add balance and color to your plate. Our organically grown produce is always as fresh and bright as possible. It’s never treated with pesticides or other chemicals. Additionally, we sell fresh cheeses that have gone through a long and careful aging process. As with our meat and produce, our cheese is never chemically enhanced. We offer almost every variety, from common American and Swiss to more rare market brands like goat, Gouda, and Edam.

Take the Eva’s Farm Family Challenge with Our Meat Market MA

The Eva’s Farm Family Challenge is something that makes our meat market in MA quite unique. Board-certified nutritional coach Jody Hawkins has joined our staff to offer families an intense four-week health challenge. The challenge includes great food from Eva’s Farm as well as fitness tips and exercise accountability. Get positive, personalized coaching for just $25 per family.

Contact Us Today for Information on the Best Meat Market MA

If you would like more information, you can contact Eva’s Farm at (978) 624-7084 or get in touch with us via our website. With our meat market, MA residents know that they are always buying quality and investing in the environment.