Eva’s Farm is a well-respected local meat market. North Andover, MA locals come to us because we serve not only North Andover but also all the surrounding suburban areas and small towns with families that are looking for a healthier, greener way to eat. At this local meat market, you will find not only prime cuts of meat, but you’ll also find elements of all the food groups your family needs for a balanced diet.

Meat Market, North Andover MA with Years of Experience Serving You

With the Eva’s Farm meat market, North Andover, MA benefits from our deep roots. Owners Roberto and Barrian Alonzo brought their years of experience working in the family butcher shop all the way from Argentina. In their time as butchers, Roberto and Barrian have raised and slaughtered cattle, chickens, and pigs. Thus, they are some of the most experienced butchers in Massachusetts, offering customers almost any type of meat they could request.

The Eva’s Farm goal is to make this meat market of North Andover, MA feel like an old-fashioned butcher shop where every customer’s order is warmly and personally taken care of.

Meat Market North Andover MA Sells All Kinds of Local Food

Eva’s Farm is primarily known as a butcher shop. While we do offer prime cuts of meat, we know you cannot live on meat alone. To facilitate healthy diets, we also sell locally grown produce and dairy products, including local milk and cheeses. Additionally, we offer fresh eggs from cage-free chickens that are never treated with hormones. In fact, none of our animals are ever given hormones or GMO products. They are grass fed rather than grain fed, which gives the animals more nutrients and reduces the calories in the meat. In addition, our animals’ grass-fed lifestyle ensures your meat will be tender and juicy.

Local Meat Market, North Andover MA, Serving the Environment

At Eva’s Farm, we know the environment is a huge part of how we serve our customers. If our planet is healthy, our food will be healthy, as well. With this in mind, the Eva’s Farm staff works closely with local farmers. Since your food only travels a short distance from the farm to your table, fuel costs and CO2 emissions automatically decrease. Eva’s Farm helps reduce fuel emissions by as much as 364,000 gallons and CO2 emissions by anywhere from 6.7 to 7.9 pounds. This reduces everyone’s carbon footprint and ensures cleaner, healthier air, water, and grass.

Contact Your Local Meat Market, North Andover MA Today

For more information, you can contact us at (978) 624-7084. We’re open all week from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. To more about our meat market, North Andover, MA residents should contact us today, so we can figure out how to best serve you.