Welcome to Eva’s Farm, a well-respected meat market. Peabody, MA and other northern Massachusetts areas come to us to the best quality meats. When most people think of Massachusetts, they consider the larger cities such as Boston and Cambridge but may not think much about smaller suburbs. Eva’s Farm is here to serve areas that may be smaller on the map but are a big part of our passion. As a top meat market, we believe no customer or meat order is too small for our personal attention.

Eva’s Farm Meat Market Peabody MA Loves the Environment

In our meat market, Peabody, MA staff care about our planets health. If our planet is healthy and thriving, our food will be fresher, safer, and healthier. With this in mind, Eva’s Farm works closely with all our local growers. Transporting locally raised meat and other foods greatly reduces fuel and CO2 emissions. Additionally, since our food is sourced locally, it saves our farmers time and money. Rather than spending money on fuel, farmers who work with Eva’s Farm can spend it on better conditions for their animals and produce.

Our dedication to reduced fuel emissions has drastically reduced our carbon footprint, which in turn reduces customers’ footprints. When you buy meat, produce, or dairy from Eva’s Farm, you are buying food that helps you keep the world physically and emotionally healthy.

Meat Market Peabody MA Helping You Live a Healthier Lifestyle

From our Eva’s Farm meat market, Peabody, MA locals can buy many types of delicious meats. Our owners, Roberto and Barrian Alonzo, have spent their lives raising all kinds of meat. These include pigs, chickens, and cattle, as well as huge, healthy turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. We get our beef only from the best cuts of the cow, including ribs and flank. Our sausages are never made with chemicals or entrails, and our chickens and turkeys are strictly grass-fed. Our meat is known for its abundance of beta-carotene and vitamins B and E.

Eva’s Farm also offers a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and eggs. Our eggs are raised fresh and cage-free, without additives or chemicals. Our grass and produce is never treated with pesticides, ensuring it’s both organic and as healthy as possible. We offer full fat, 2%, and skim milks, as well as a variety of cheeses. If you need help determining which meats and dairy products are best for your family, ask an Eva’s Farm staff member for expert assistance.

Contact Our Meat Market Peabody MA Today

For more information, feel free to contact us seven days a week at (978) 624-7084. Learn more about the services of our meat market. Peabody, MA Eva’s Farm staff will take care of you and provide you with the freshest, local food.